New CE Test Only Course on Rethinking Narcissism


By Dr. Craig Malkin

Rethinking NarcissismThis CE test is based on Rethinking Narcissism (HarperCollins 2015, 256 pp.), which has enjoyed international expert and critical acclaim for its exciting blend of empirical rigor, practical strategies, and compelling narrative style. In it you’ll discover:

  • A new definition of narcissism, which clarifies the connection between healthy and unhealthy narcissism.
  • A novel, empirically-derived test, which encompasses both healthy narcissism and subtler forms of unhealthy narcissism.
  • Echoism, or a lack of healthy narcissism—what it is, and how to cope with it.
  • The 3 varieties of narcissists: introverted, extroverted, and communal.
  • A 2-part, attachment-based approach for reducing narcissistic behaviors.
  • 8 evidence-based parenting strategies for promoting healthy narcissism.
  • 6 empirically informed approaches for dealing with unhealthy narcissism at work.
  • SoWe: 5 empirically grounded rules for healthy social media use.

Throughout, you’ll find easy-to-follow templates and concrete examples for helping people who suffer from either too much—or too little—narcissism.

Course #50-16 | 36 posttest questions

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1. Define narcissist and critique the claims of “a narcissism epidemic” using the latest research.

2. Describe the narcissism spectrum and how healthy narcissism becomes pathological.

3. Recognize and empower clients who struggle with narcissism deficits, or “echoism”.

4. Identify the defenses common to all narcissists and help them cope in healthier ways.

5. Learn evidence-based strategies to: help clients cope with narcissistic love ones; recognize dangerous narcissism sooner; and leave when necessary.

6. Help clients recognize and cope with unhealthy narcissism in the workplace, in children, and in social media, using strategies drawn from the latest research.
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