Operation “Goodbye Books” Week 7 Update

Operation Goodbye Books Week 7 Update

Gina's back with the countdown box!

We’re down to one bookshelf! 16 mail order courses left = 37 books!

Big plans on the horizon…stay tuned!



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Operation “Goodbye Books” Week 5 Update

Melissa updates countdown box - only 28 mail order courses left!

Melissa updates countdown box - only 28 mail order courses left!

The shelves are growing bare. Prices have been slashed. We’re well on the way to being book-free!



Operation “Goodbye Books” Week 2 Update

Only 45 mail order courses left!

Melissa holds countdown box - only 45 mail order courses left!

We’re only down 2 more titles this week – but are very close on several more. All of our mail order courses (45 left) are now on closeout (with reduced prices) to encourage the anticipated sell-out.

In continuing our research on Amazon, we’ve found that many of the books from our mail order courses are now available in e-book format for instant download (and even better pricing). The Association of American Publishers has reported that e-books are now the top-selling book format with sales tripling over the past year.

We will provide links to e-book versions of our test only courses as we find them. And we’ll continue to write tests so you can earn continuing education credits from such convenient sources. Please share any you find applicable with us by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for your support!