Renewal Information for Wisconsin Psychologists

Wisconsin Psychologists renew licenses biennially on September 30th (of odd years). 40 hours of continuing education are required to renew.

Continuing Education

Wisconsin Psychologists may earn up to 20 hours of approved CE online

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Unless granted a postponement or waiver, every licensee shall complete at least 40 hours of board-approved continuing education in each biennial registration period. The board may require that not more than 20 continuing education hours in each biennial registration period be acquired within specified topic areas.

Continuing education hours may apply only to the registration period in which the hours are acquired. If a license has been allowed to lapse, the board may grant permission to apply continuing education hours acquired after lapse of the license to a previous biennial period of licensure during which required continuing education was not acquired. In no case may continuing education hours be applied to more than one biennial period.

To meet the continuing education requirement, a licensee shall submit to the board a certificate of attendance upon the board’s request.

Unless granted a postponement or waiver, a licensee who fails to meet the continuing education requirements by the renewal deadline shall cease and desist from practice.

During the time between initial licensure and commencement of a full 2-year licensure period new licensees shall not be required to meet continuing education requirements.

APPROVAL OF CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS. The board shall approve all of the following programs and courses if relevant to the professional practice of psychology:

  • Continuing education programs and courses sponsored or co-sponsored by a presenter approved by the committee for the approval of continuing education sponsors of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Educational programs recognized as approved at the time of attendance as “category I” continuing medical education programs by the council on medical education of the American medical association or the American osteopathic association.
  • Graduate level courses or continuing education courses relevant to the professional practice of psychology offered by accredited colleges and universities.
  • Continuing education courses approved by the psychology licensing board in another state where the participant is also licensed.
  • Publishing a scholarly book or article in a peer-review journal relevant to psychology.

PROOF OF ATTENDANCE AT CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS. Applicants for renewal shall certify their attendance at required continuing education, but are not required to submit certificates of attendance unless the board requests the applicant to do so. The board shall conduct a random audit of 10 percent of all licensees on a biennial basis for compliance with continuing education requirements, and shall audit any licensee who is under investigation by the board for alleged misconduct.

LIMITATION ON CREDIT. The board may grant no more than 20 hours of credit for uncompensated evaluation assistance services, no more than 20 hours of credit for publishing a scholarly book or article, and no more than 20 hours of credit within any specific continuing education programs.

Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board:

Professional Development Resources is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Development Resources maintains responsibility for all programs and content.

Wisconsin psychologists may earn up to 20 hours from approved online courses.