Turn Off The TV & Live Longer

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Of course, it’s no surprise that being a couch potato isn’t exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re watching TV for six hours/day, you’re probably not exercising, you’re probably drinking beer, and munching on the Cheetos the ads manipulate you into buying. Plus, you’re also more likely to be suffering from depression, antisocial tendencies, Vitamin D deficiency, and you’re probably numbing out in other ways as well. But even when researchers took diet into account, TV was still the devil. Turns out that watching too much TV is as detrimental to long life as smoking and lack of exercise. Previous research showed that smoking reduces your life expectancy by 4 years. Every ciggie you smoke after the age of 50 reduces your life expectancy by 11 minutes – the equivalent of 30 minutes of TV time.
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