Renewal Information for Maryland Psychologists

Maryland Psychologists may earn up to 20 CE hours online!

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Continuing Education:

Maryland-licensed psychologists are required to complete a minimum of 40 continuing education (CE) hours during each reporting period to renew their license.

A maximum of 20 CE hours are allowed from independent study courses that are approved by the American Psychological Association.

[Professional Development Resources is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Development Resources maintains responsibility for all programs and content. Over 100 online (independent study) courses are available at, including courses on ethics, risk management and cultural diversity]

A minimum of 3 CE hours must be in activities whose content area is:

  • Laws pertaining to the practice of psychology;
  • Ethics and professional conduct in the practice of psychology; or
  • Managing risks associated with the practice of psychology; and

A minimum of 3 CE hours must be in activities designed to enhance competence in the provision of psychological services to culturally diverse populations.

During each reporting period, CE hours may be earned only once for the same activity.

Reporting Period:

The reporting period for psychologists with license numbers ending with an odd digit will be March 31 of odd years; and for those ending with an even digit or 0 will be March 31 of even years.

For psychologists receiving their license with less than 12 months before the end of their reporting period, CE hours are not required for that reporting period.

Psychologists receiving their license with 12 months or more before the end of their reporting period shall be required to complete 20 CE hours.

CE Audits:

The Board shall audit the continuing education documentation of all psychologists randomly selected by license numbers.

Within 30 days following notification by the Board, a psychologist who is audited shall provide:

  • Proof of completion of continuing education activities;
  • A completed continuing education reporting form; and
  • Any additional information that may be requested by the Board to evaluate completion of CE requirements.

Proof of completion as required of this regulation may include:

  • Certificates of attendance;
  • Transcripts or course syllabi;
  • Reprints of publications;
  • Test results; or
  • Any other proof of completion acceptable to the Board.

To earn CE credits for independent study, a psychologist shall:

  • Pass an examination on the activity; and
  • Be awarded a certificate of completion.

The Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists:

The Board of Examiners of Psychologists is a group of seven licensed psychologists and two consumer members appointed by the Governor to administer and regulate the laws regarding the practice of psychology in Maryland. The Board’s mission is to ensure that consumers in Maryland receive quality psychological services in accordance with the laws in Maryland. The Board has been in existence since July 1, 1981. The original Psychologist’s Certification Act was enacted into law in Maryland on July 1, 1957 by the General Assembly. The Board functions include licensing psychologists, approving psychology associates, renewing licenses, reviewing continuing education, promulgating regulations, interpreting the scope of practice, educating licensees, and investigating complaints.