Montana Mental Health Counselors Continuing Education and License Renewals

montana mental health counselors continuing education and license renewalsMontana-licensed mental health counselors have an annual license renewal with a December 31st deadline. Twenty (20) hours of continuing education are required in order to renew a license. There is no limit on home study if NBCC approved.

The pursuit of continuing education assures the best possible standards for the mental health counseling profession. All licensees are required to participate in continuing education as a condition of licensing.

Professional Development Resources is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP #5590) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program.

Continuing Education Requirements

Mental health counselors licensed in the state of Montana have an annual license renewal with a deadline of December 31st. Twenty continuing education hours are required for license renewal. There is no home study limit if NBCC approved.

Information obtained from the Montana Board of Social Workers and Professional Counselors on December 16, 2013.


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