What is Neurotheology? Free Online Presentation!

What is Neurotheology? What does Science say about Beliefs? Author Brian C. Alston (What is Neurotheology? 2007) explores the new discipline Neurotheology – the science of beliefs in six FREE (online) Presentations, Monday December 6th through Saturday December 11th 2010. The Presentation on Monday will introduce Neurotheology exploring its Historical and Contemporary understanding, and repeat throughout the week.

Neurotheology is an emerging discipline that seeks to integrate two sometimes vastly different perspectives – science and beliefs. Beliefs whether cultural, social, religious, scientific, political, economic, moral, and so on can hardly be explained within any existing discipline as well as the influence of beliefs to our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and experiences. Neurotheology is an attempt to close the existing gap by providing a balanced framework to study how the brain, mind, and heart experience, interpret, generate, and mediate beliefs. In our discussion, we will explore examples from biology, neuroscience, and psychology.

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