This online CE course addresses a variety of ethics and risk management topics in the form of 14 archived articles from The National Psychologist. Topics include: (1) Is it kosher for a psychotherapist to serve as an expert witness? (2) Weighing patient’s rights against psychologist’s rights (3) Techno breaches could cost practitioners big bucks (4) Custody cases require special training (5) Too many rules – Risk Management (6) Pay me now, pay me later (7) Business of Practice and Ethics (8) Not all nations share APA’s ethics standards (9) Student/professor dating always questionable (10) Therapists need a strong back-up plan (11) Ethics primer addresses core issues (12) Wintering south can create ethics problems (13) Confidentiality in the 21st Century – Risk Management (14) The fiduciary heart of ethics. This course is intended for psychotherapists of all specialties.