Want Others to Like You? Follow These 6 Simple Rules…

By Geoffrey James | @Sales_Source

Want coworkers and clients to enjoy being in your company? Just follow these absurdly simple rules.

6 simple rules for being liked1. Be curious about people. Likeable people are typically genuinely interested in others, enthusiastic, and eager to help. If you’re curious about people, it’s much easier to build rapport.

2. Make a good first impression. The opening minute of any new interaction creates an impression that is difficult to change. Dress appropriately, smile, look people in the eye, and have an appropriately firm handshake.

3. Listen more than you talk. If you find yourself talking about your weekend, your golf game, your family or your job, then you’re probably talking too much and not listening nearly enough.

4. Get people’s names right. When meeting someone for the first time, spend the mental energy to remember his or her name. Be fanatic about pronunciation, especially with unusual names. You should care–and it should show.

5. Remember personal details. Keep track of anything personal that co-workers or customers reveal, like birthdays and the names of family members. Find ways to show that you remembered what they decided to reveal.

6. Only speak positively about others. Whatever the temptation, avoid criticizing anyone. This includes competitors, politicians, celebrities … and especially other co-workers. People shy away from trash talkers.

Source: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/how-to-be-liked-at-work-or-anywhere.html?utm_medium=linkedin?ref=linkedin