Rhode Island Psychologists Continuing Education and License Renewals

rhode island psychologists continuing education and license renewalsRhode Island-licensed psychologists have a biennial license renewal with a June 30th deadline. Renewal applications are due by June 1st. Twenty-four (24) continuing education hours are required to renew a license. There are no limits on home study if APA approved.

The completion of continuing education allows for the highest possible standards for the psychology profession. All psychologists are required to complete continuing education hours as a condition of licensing.

Professional Development Resources is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Development Resources maintains responsibility for all programs and content.

Continuing Education Courses for Psychologists: https://www.pdresources.org/courselisting/newarrival/1

Requirements for Continuing Education

Psychologists licensed in the state of Rhode Island have a license renewal every two years with renewal applications due by June 1st, and a June 30th deadline. Twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education are required for license renewal. There are no limits on home study if APA approved.

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