New Online CE Course on Reading Instruction

Reading Instruction: Documents from the National Reading Panel

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This web-based online CE course is based on a summary report of the National Reading Panel entitledTeaching Children to Read (2000), supplemented by a series of three research-based handouts for parents that provide tips on how to teach reading to children from birth through third grade. This course is an ideal resource for anyone who wants to understand the purpose, methodology, and results of the National Reading Panel’s findings on reading instruction research. The 35-page report explains the origin of the Panel and its congressional charge. It succinctly describes the research methodology used and the findings of each of the Panel subgroups: (1) Alphabetics, (2) Fluency, (3) Comprehension, (4) Teacher Education and Reading Instruction, and (5) Computer Technology and Reading Instruction. The report also offers insightful information provided by Panel members on reading instruction topics that may require further exploration. This course is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, administrators, or anyone interested in learning about reading instruction research. Course #30-57 | 2011 | 20 posttest questions | 5 page course download includes instructions, link to online documents and posttest questions