Multiple Relationships Revealed

Multiple Relationships RevealedA female psychologist works with a male patient for about one year in a suburban area. They agreed to meet weekly for the first four months of psychotherapy, and then they agreed to meet twice per month. They developed a good therapeutic alliance. During the course of their work, he discussed significant facts about his troubled past, numerous details about failed past relationships, and sexual fantasies. The main therapeutic issues are depression and loneliness.

During the current session, the patient related having made a new female friend. As social isolation, loneliness and depression are regular themes in treatment; the psychologist frames this as positive progress.

As the conversation continues, the psychologist is surprised to learn that the patient’s new friend is the ex-wife of the psychologist’s husband. The patient reveals that he became aware of that information after several dates and recently felt comfortable revealing this to the psychologist. He also indicated that the relationship is taking on a more serious tone.

The ex-wife moved back to the area about six months ago. The psychologist knows that the ex-wife had been struggling with isolation and loneliness as well. The psychologist, her husband, and his ex-wife are on good terms. They see her regularly for informal family events and do holidays together with their adult children and grandchildren.

After the session is over, the psychologist has time to reflect on her concerns. The psychologist feels stuck and overwhelmed by her present situation. She calls you for an ethics consult.

  • What are the ethical issues involved?
  • What would you suggest that she does?
  • With whom does the psychologist discuss the multiple roles?
  • With only the patient?
  • With the patient and the ex-wife?
  • With her husband, the patient and the ex-wife?
  • Can the psychologist continue the treatment relationship with the patient?
  • Even if they terminate therapy, how does the psychologist cope with family gatherings since she knows significant details about her patient’s life?


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