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Professional Development Resources has recently announced “Operation Goodbye Books,“ marking the end of 15 years of including print textbooks as part of its continuing education (CE) courses.
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Operation “Goodbye Books” Has Begun!

Operation "Goodbye Books" Has Begun

Gina holds countdown box - only 47 mail order courses left!

Just 9 days ago we announced our plan to discontinue the ‘mail order‘ courses from our course catalog. The books are disappearing so quickly that we decided to document the journey. (Back in August the bookshelf behind me was also full of books.)

We’ve also done some research on what this change will mean to you (our customer). The basic idea is that instead of buying the book and CE test from us, you’ll buy the book from Amazon (or another source) and order just the CE test (test only) from us. We’ve calculated Amazon’s prices with our Test Only prices and found that you will save 20% on average. We don’t know how Amazon does it, but we do know we can’t compete!

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment; we’d love to hear from you!

– Gina