Georgia SLP License Renewal Deadline & Requirements

Georgia-licensed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Audiologists have an upcoming license renewal deadline of March 31, 2011. 20 hours of continuing education (40 if dual licensed) are required for renewal. There is no limit on hours earned from online or home study courses that require successful completion of a posttest to earn a certificate of completion.

The following information is provided from the Georgia Board of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology website:

The purpose of continuing education is to maintain and enhance the professional competency of speech-language pathologists and audiologists licensed to practice in Georgia for the protection of the health and welfare of the people of the State of Georgia.

A continuing education unit (CEU) is defined as ten (10) clock hours of continuing professional education. CEU hours may not be carried over from one licensure biennium to the next.

In order to renew a license, the licensee must obtain a minimum of 2.0 CEUs (20 clock hours) during each biennium period of licensure.

Individuals who hold licenses in both Speech-Language Pathology and in Audiology shall be required to complete a minimum of 2.0 CEUs in Speech-Language Pathology and 2.0 CEUs in Audiology.

CEU requirements for newly approved license holders will be pro-rated during the first biennium licensure period as follows:

  • Licensees whose applications are approved during the first six (6) months of the biennium will be required to accrue two (2) CEUs.
  • Licensees approved during the second six (6) months of the biennium will be required to accrue one and one half (1 ½) CEUs.
  • Licensees approved during the third six months of the biennium will be required to accrue one (1) CEU.
  • Licensees approved during the final six (6) months are not required to accrue CEUs until the following licensure biennium.

CEU hours must be in educational experiences directly related to the scope of practice of the licensee, and must be designed to increase the competence of the licensee in the area of licensure. Examples of activities that may provide CEU hours include:

  • Scientific and educational lectures, workshops, or seminars;
  • College courses taken for credit or through official audit (college course credit shall be deemed to be equivalent to CEUs as follows: One Semester Hour = 1.5 CEUs; One Trimester Hour = 1.3 CEUs; One Quarter Hour = 1.0 CEU).
  • Presentations by licensees: 0.5 CEUs (5 clock hours) will be awarded for the presentation of any lecture, workshop or seminar. A licensee may only receive credit for one presentation per biennium.
  • Audio and video conferences, online courses, and teleconferences; and self-study courses accompanied by an examination by the CEU provider.
  • Praxis Examination in the area of licensure. Two (2.0) CEUs will be awarded for successful completion of the Praxis with a score of 650. Successful completion of this examination during the biennium will satisfy all CEU requirements for the license during that biennium. The Board approved national examination results that are used in order to receive a license may not be used again for the renewal of that license. A person who is licensed in both Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology must pass tests in both Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology to meet all continuing education requirements. If the licensee passes the examination in only one area, s/he must obtain 2.0 additional CEUs in the area for which the examination was not passed. Not more than two (.2) CEUs of the required twenty (2.0) per biennium will be awarded for courses in the area(s) of ethics, record-keeping, documentation, Georgia laws and rules, Medicaid regulations and/or Medicare regulations.

Documentation of CEUs:

  • Each licensee shall maintain for three (3) years their own record of the CEU activities that they completed. The Board will not maintain CEU files for licensees.
  • Licensees shall retain documentation of their continuing education activities and shall not send them to the Board Office unless the Board requests the licensee to do so.
  • Licensees shall attest on their biennial licensure renewal application that they have satisfied the CEU requirements as set out above.
  • False attestation of satisfaction of CEU requirements on a renewal application shall subject the licensee to disciplinary actions, including revocation.

Method of Auditing CEUs:

  • The Board will audit a random fixed percentage of applications. Licensees who are audited will be required to document the CEU activities. Required documentation is a certificate or proof of attendance which includes the sponsoring agency, the licensee’s name, the date of the activity, the length of the session, and either the signature of a representative from the sponsoring agency or official certification by the sponsoring agency. A description of the CEU activity may be required if the title of the activity does not clearly state the content of the CEU activity. If the licensee attends a multi-session CEU activity, as in a state or national convention or meeting, additional required information includes a specific listing of each session, the length of each session, and a description of each session if the title does not clearly state the content of the session.
  • Current members of the Board, who are licensees of the Board, shall be audited for each biennium that they serve on the Board.
  • Delinquent renewals shall be subject to the CEU audit for that biennium.

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