Georgia Speech Language Pathologists Continuing Education and License Renewals

georgia speech language pathologistsGeorgia Speech Language Pathologists have a biennial license renewal with a March 31st deadline, odd years. Twenty (20) hours of continuing education are required to renew a license. If dual-licensed, forty (40) hours of continuing education are required. All required hours are allowed from home study, and a post test is required. Pre-approval is not required, and continuing education must meet board requirements and provide a certificate.

The main goal of continuing education is to assure the highest possible standards for the speech language pathologists profession. All licensees are required to participate in continuing education as a requirement of licensure.

Continuing Education Requirements

Georgia-licensed speech language pathologists are required as a condition of licensure to complete a minimum of twenty (20) continuing education hours every two years with a March 31st deadline, odd years. If dual licensed, forty (40) hours is required. All hours can be earned through home study.