Doing What Works by Abigail Natenshon, MA, LCSW

Doing What Works

Doing What Works

Doing What Works is the first book of its kind to offer novice and veteran practitioners a coherent and sequential system for approaching, treating, and effectively managing complex eating disorder cases, from start to finish. Highlighting the unique qualities that set eating disorder treatment apart from generalist practice, Natenshon synthesizes evidence-based eating disorder research and best-practice treatment protocols into innovative and practicable clinical applications ‘that work,’ offering a fully integrative approach to eating disorder care. Bringing the field into the 21st century, Natenshon cites recent neurobiological research to underscore the significance of a unique and versatile use of the therapist’s self within the treatment relationship. Her work is also pioneering in explicating the power and significance of mindfulness in psychotherapy practice, as well as the role of interpersonal neuropsychology and brain plasticity in enhancing healing.

In the seasoned voice of an expert who has specialized in the treatment of eating disorders for close to four decades, Natenshon’s book speaks to the entire multidisciplinary treatment team… including nutritionists, physicians, school personnel and families, filling in extensive gaps in professional education. The book offers clarity, vision, intention, and optimism to practitioners striving to meet the rigors and challenges of managing diagnostic ambiguity, complex transference issues, persistent patient resistance, and daunting co-occurring conditions within a highly counterintuitive recovery process. Aside from honing treatment skills, this reader-friendly treatment guide provides clinicians the opportunity and confidence they need to become self-starters within a demanding treatment process–while helping their patients to do the same.

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