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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sweet CE - Buy 2 Get 1 FreeIf two really are better than one, than a third for free should really knock your socks off this holiday weekend! Now through Monday, enjoy a FREE CE course with the purchase of any two @ pdresources.org.

The lowest priced third course will automatically be deducted at checkout. One free course per order – but no limit on the number of orders. Courses must be purchased together for discount to apply.

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Can certain foods help junior sit still in the classroom?

Via Scoop.itHealthcare Continuing Education

If we really are what we eat, it may be a scary premise for some. Coloured dyes and preservatives are laden in foods targeted for kids and may be found lurking in their lunchboxes. Researchers were assuming that the refined sugars were the culprit but new studies are questioning the association of mood swings, poor attention and hyperactivity with dyes and chemical additives. But is it what our kids are eating, or what they’re missing?
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