Arizona Psychologist License Renewal & CE Information

From the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners

Arizona-licensed psychologists are required to renew their license by April 30th of each odd-numbered year, and must complete a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education during each two-year license renewal period.

Arizona Psychologist CEUsCE Required: 60 hours every 2 years (minimum 40 from Cat 1)
Online CE Allowed: No limit (considered Cat 1 – must have certificate)
License Expiration: 4/30, odd years
National Accreditation Accepted: APA
Notes: 4 hrs professional ethics & 4 hrs domestic violence or child abuse required each renewal (must be from Cat 1)

Category I consists of:

  • Post-doctoral study sponsored by a regionally accredited university or college that provides a graduate-level degree program, or a course, seminar, workshop, or home study with certificate of completion, or a continuing education program offered by a national, international, regional, or state association, society, board, or continuing education provider, if at least 75% of the program is related to the “practice of psychology.”
  • Attending a Board meeting. A licensee receives four continuing education hours in professional ethics as required under subsection (B)(1) for attending eight hours or more of a Board meeting and two continuing education hours for attending between four and eight hours of a Board meeting. A licensee shall complete documentation provided by the Board at the time the licensee attends a Board meeting. The Board shall not accept more than 10 continuing education hours obtained by attending a Board meeting from a licensee for each renewal period; and
  • Serving as a complaint consultant. A licensee who serves as a Board complaint consultant to review Board complaints and provide a written report to the Board, receives continuing education hours equal to the actual number of hours served as a complaint consultant up to a maximum of 20 hours per renewal period.

Category II consists of:

  • Self-study or study groups for professional growth and development as a psychologist;
  • Preparation that results in publication of an authored or co-authored psychology book, psychology book chapter, or article in a peer-reviewed psychology journal;
  • Presentation of a symposium or paper at a state, regional, national, or international psychology meeting;
  • Attendance at or participation in a case conference; or
  • A course, workshop, seminar, or symposium for professional growth and development as a psychologist or enhancement of psychological practice, education, or administration.

All licensees, regardless of status, are required by law to complete and return the Application for License Renewal form with the required fee.

Professional Development Resources is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for Arizona-licensed psychologists. Professional Development Resources offers over 150 online and home study courses that provide a certificate of completion. Professional Development Resources allows you the flexibility to earn CEU credits at your own pace and according to your own schedule, wherever you are.


Renewal Information for Indiana Social Workers, Counselors & MFTs

Indiana counselors, social workers and MFTs can earn all 40 continuing education hours for renewal online

Click to view approved online courses!

Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Mental Health Counselors licensed in the State of Indiana are required to obtain at least forty (40) hours of continuing education in order to renew their license. 20 hours must come from Category I (formal) courses and 1 hour on ethics from a Category I course is required each year. The license renewal deadline is March 31, 2012.

Professional Development Resources is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB Provider #1046, ACE Program); by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC Provider #5590) and by the American Psychological Association (APA) to offer continuing education for Social Workers, Counselors and MFTs. Indiana-licensees can earn all 40 hours per renewal through courses @ (formal Category I).

Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions

How many continuing education hours do I need to renew my license?

40 hours of continuing education credits are required for each renewal cycle or 20 CEUs per year.

What is the renewal cycle?

April 1st – March 31st of every even numbered year.

Are there any required courses I must take?

Yes, every licensee is required to take at least 1 hour of ethics in Category I continuing education each year.

How many hours of continuing education do I need if I have been licensed less than 24 months?

You will need 20 hours in order to renew your license.

How many hours of continuing education do I need if I have been licensed less than 12 months?

You do not need any continuing education in order to renew your license.

What are Category I CEUs and how many do I need per licensure cycle?

Category I is defined as continuing education that is formal programming, which includes the following:

  • Formally organized courses.
  • Workshops.
  • Seminars.
  • Symposia.
  • Institutes.
  • Home study programs, including computer; audio; video; and instructional programs, accredited by board-approved organizations.
  • Courses that are relevant to the license holder’s professional skills, which are part of the curriculum of an accredited university, college, or educational institution, shall earn fifteen (15) CEUs for each academic semester hour completed, or ten (10) CEUs for each academic quarter hour completed.
  • Faculty teaching a course for the first time at an accredited university, college, or educational institution shall earn one and one-half (1½) CEUs for every hour taught.

You are required to obtain a minimum of 20 Category I CEUs per renewal cycle.

What are Category II CEUs and how many do I need per licensure cycle?

Category II is defined as continuing education that is self-directed, which includes the following:

  • Journal clubs, earns one (1) CEU for each hour attended.
  • Office in-services, earns one (1) CEU for each hour attended.
  • Case conferences that are specifically designed for training or teaching, earns one (1) CEU for each hour attended.
  • Services as an instructor, presenter, or supervisor in a relevant professional seminar, workshop, or training conference earns one (1) CEU for each hour of service, but only for the initial instruction, presentation, or supervision given.
  • Research and publication of research results in a recognized professional journal or book form, earns ten (10) CEUs, but may only be claimed for the initial publication of the information.
  • Providing peer review of another licensee’s therapy and skills, which includes consultation, conference, and critique, earns one (1) CEU for each hour spent with the peer for this purpose.
  • Services on boards and commissions and holding office in professional organizations, specifically related to the licensee’s profession, earns one (1) CEU for each hour of service

You are not required to earn any Category II hours however, if you do use Category II hours towards you CEU requirement then you may acquire no more than 20 Category II CEUs per renewal cycle.

How do I document Category II hours?

You can record your hours on a Word document or spreadsheet. You should include the date of the activity, the type of activity, and the amount of time you spent conducting the activity.

How many hours in Category II hours can I count?

You can count up to 10 Category II hours per year and a maximum of 20 per renewal cycle.

Can I take all of my CEUs in one year or do they have to be split evenly throughout the renewal period?

You can take as many CEUs as you like as long as you take at least 20 CEUs per year, a minimum of 10 of those hours must be Category I.

Can continuing education credits transfer from one renewal period to the next?

No. Credits can only be counted for the period in which they are taken.

Do copies of my completed continuing education certificates need to be sent to the licensure board when I renew my license?

No. Certificates are for your records and will only need to be submitted if you are audited. However, it is required that licensees maintain copies of their CEU records for a period of four years in the event they are audited by the Board.

What do I do if I am audited?

Once you receive your audit letter you will need to either fax or mail in copies of continuing education certificates to the Board by the deadline stated on the letter.

What happens if I didn’t receive the necessary CEUs during a licensure cycle or can’t produce the necessary documents during an audit?

You will be required to make up the continuing education hours you are short and you will have to pay a fine. The Board has adopted the proposed schedule as a general guideline for continuing education violations:

Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board: