Renewal Information for Virginia Psychologists

Virginia Psychologist License Renewal Deadline: June 30, 2011

License Renewal Deadline: 6/30, annually
CE Required: 14 hours, annually
Ethics Required: 1.5 hours, annually
Online CE Allowed: 8 hours (6 hours must be face-to-face)
Accreditation Accepted: APA

Virginia Psychologist License Renewal Deadline

Virginia Psychologist License Renewal

Questions and Answers on Continuing Competency Requirements:

Q: When must I have the required number of continuing competency hours completed in order to renew my license?
A: The requirement must be completed between July 1st and June 30th immediately preceding an annual renewal cycle (June 30, 20XX). You will be required to sign a certification on your annual renewal form attesting that you have met the continuing competency requirements. Falsification on the renewal form is a violation of law and may subject you to disciplinary action.

Q: Am I required to send in evidence of my continuing competency hours at the time I renew?
A: No. The Board will randomly select licensees for a post-renewal audit. If selected, you would be notified by mail that documentation is required and given a time frame within which to comply.

Q: Who maintains the required documents for verification of continuing competency hours?
A: It is the responsibility of the individual psychologist to maintain the transcripts, certificates, and any other continuing competency forms or records for four years following the annual renewal period in which they were used. Do not send any forms or documents to the Board of Psychology unless requested to do so.

Q: Are there Board forms that I need to use for documenting my compliance with the continued competency requirement?
A: No. Should you be chosen in the random sampling, you would be asked to provide official transcripts or certificates of completion from approved providers (18 VAC 125-20-123.C.1.2.)

Q: How does the Board define course?
A: “Course” means an organized program of study, classroom experience or similar educational experience that is directly related to the practice of psychology and is provided by a board-approved provider that meets the criteria specified in section 18 VAC 125-20-122.

For more information, visit the Virginia Board of Psychology website.

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