Renewal Information for Oklahoma Psychologists

Oklahoma-licensed psychologists renew annually on December 31st. 20 hours of continuing education (CE) are required to renewal. 3 hours must be in ethics.

Oklahoma-licensed psychologists annual license renewal deadline December 31, 2011

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The purpose of continuing professional education requirements for psychologists is to assure that licensees update and advance their skills such that the public shall benefit from the most current and effective standards of professional practice.

To further the goal of public benefit, all psychologists are encouraged to fulfill a portion of their continuing professional education requirements in the areas of ethics, professional conduct, and related legal issues. Beginning with renewal of the license to practice on January 1, 1998, a minimum of three (3) of the twenty (20) continuing professional education credits required for yearly licensure renewal shall be earned by licensees with HSP certification in activities that are specific to ethics, relevant laws and legal issues, and/or applicable professional practice guidelines and standards.

Credits required for annual license renewal.

The minimum of twenty (20) credits of acceptable continuing professional education will be required for renewal of a license to practice psychology for the following year (one clock hour equals one credit).

The continuing professional education year extends from October 1 through September 30 for licensure in the following calendar year. A continuing professional education form, on which to register the activities and hours claimed for the year, will be sent out with the license renewal notice and must be returned to the Board office in person by the close of business on November 1, or postmarked by November 1. For licenses issued after October 1 of a given year, the required credits of continuing professional education will be adjusted for the initial continuing professional education year only, to require 1.5 credits of continuing professional education per full month of licensure for the initial renewal of the license.

Preapproval of continuing professional education activities required.

Continuing professional education credits may be granted for acceptable educational activities at the graduate level which are preapproved by the Board, or by a committee appointed by the Board. No credits will be granted for any activities or categories of activities that have not been preapproved. Approval may be made at a regularly scheduled open meeting of the Board, or at a special meeting of either the Board or its appointed committee convened for the specific purpose.

You may enter your CPE at any time online by logging in on the renewal link.

All CPE credits must be approved by the Board or a recognized sponsor. (View a list of recognized sponsors)

Q: How much is the renewal fee and when is it due?
A: Renewal fee is $400.00 and is due by December 31 each year.

Q: Do I have to pay my renewal fee at the same time as submitting my CE’s?
A: No, you may submit them separately.

Professional Development Resources is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Development Resources maintains responsibility for all programs and content.

Oklahoma-licensed psychologists may earn all 20 required hours for renewal through online courses offered by an APA-approved provider.

Oklahoma Board of Examiners of Psychologists