Renewal Information for Missouri Social Workers

Missouri licensed social workers renew on September 30th

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Missouri-licensed Social Workers renew on September 30th, every 2 years (from year of initial licensure). 30 hours of continuing education (CE) are required to renew. 15 hours are allowed from online (self-study) courses offered by ASWB or APA approved providers. 3 hours in ethics is required each renewal. The ethics course must be presented or written by a qualified social worker.

Here are some renewal FAQs from the Missouri State Committee for Social Workers:

You may view the rules on continuing education at‐education.asp

Do I need to submit proof of continuing education with my renewal? Yes, per question 5(A) on the renewal form.

How do I submit proof of my continuing education? Please submit proof per 20 CSR 2263‐2.082 of the rules. Documentation of continuing education may consist of‐

  • Certificates of affidavits provided by the program/sponsor;
  • Receipts for fees paid to the sponsor;
  • Educational transcripts;
  • Written verification from the university practicum that the licensee provided supervision of undergraduate or graduate students;
  • Copy of publication and letter from editor/publisher;
  • A written announcement of a presentation scheduled and/or brochure specifically identifying the licensee as the presenter of a course/seminar/program.

Does the committee require the original certificate(s) of completion? No, the original document(s) are not required. You may provide copies to the committee along with the renewal form and fee. You may keep the original documents for your records.

How many hours of self‐study are allowed each renewal period? 15 clock hours

What if I do not have proof of my continuing education? Licensees are responsible for maintaining records of continuing education activities. This documentation shall be retained for 2 years following license renewal. If you do not have proof, you should contact the program/sponsor to obtain another certificate of completion.

How many hours of ethics are required? 3 clock hours each renewal period.

Will a list of CE from my employer be acceptable? A listing of CE from your employer will be acceptable if the list contains ALL of the following information‐

  • Be on employer letterhead
  • State the licensee’s full name
  • Indicate the name/title of each training
  • State instructor & qualifications or who sponsored/approved the training(s).
  • Date of each training
  • Total number of clock hours earned at each training
  • Whether or not the training was self‐study or face‐to‐face/live.

Employer CE listings that do not clearly contain all of the information above will not be accepted.

May I pay the renewal fee by credit card? No. Payment must be submitted by check or money order along with your renewal form and proof of CE, payable to the State Committee for Social Workers.

When will supervisors for licensure be required to complete the 3 hour supervision training refresher course? Supervisors will be required to complete this course prior to the 2012 renewal and each renewal thereafter.

Will the committee review my continuing education prior to the renewal period? No. The committee will not review proof of continuing education prior to the renewal period. If you have questions as to what constitutes as acceptable continuing education, please review the rules on continuing education. A link to the rules is listed above.

How do I find out if training I completed will count towards my continuing education? If you have questions on whether or not training will qualify as acceptable continuing education, please refer to the rules on continuing education. A link to the rules is listed above.

May I still practice if my license is not renewed by the expiration date? No. Any licensee who fails to timely renew shall not perform any act for which a license is required until the license is renewed.

This is my first time renewing a license in Missouri, how many hours of CE will I need? A licensee who becomes licensed during a renewal period shall be required to obtain continuing education; however, the hours will be pro‐rated based upon the original issuance date. You may view the pro‐rated hours required by referring to the chart under section 20 CSR 2263‐2.082(5)(A) of the rules. This chart pertains to newly licensed individuals only.

Professional Development Resources is approved as a provider of continuing education for social workers by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB Provider #1046, ACE Program). Professional Development Resources is also approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Development Resources maintains responsibility for all programs and content.