New Website on the Way!

New logo for Professional Development Resources

We have been busy developing a new (and much improved) website to host our online continuing education courses. A lot of new features are coming along with it, so we are excited to show our new logo today! Stay tuned for more up to date news.

— Press Release —

Jacksonville, Florida – December 14, 2011 — [Professional Development Resources] is planning to launch a new website for its online continuing education service, with functionality that will far exceed what has been available in the past. It will feature an advanced user interface that offers visitors instant access to a wide range of information sources that are highly relevant to their professions and practice areas. The entire site is built around the concept of personalization, which will present only information that is of immediate interest to each unique visitor.

Professional Development Resources has engaged the services of The Logica, LLC, of Atlantic Beach, Florida, a web design firm that offers creative solutions for small businesses in the areas of web design, social marketing strategies, and search optimization. The firm is constructing a custom website that will directly address the specific needs of the professionals who have been customers of Professional Development Resources for the past 20 years. The emphasis is on ease of use and customer engagement, with the goal of giving something of value on every visit.

“Our users do not have the time or the inclination to fumble through a series of web pages that offer them nothing of relevance,” says Leo Christie, PhD, CEO of Professional Development Resources. “They are looking for timely information about their professions, CE courses that can expand and update their clinical skills, and educational handouts they can give their clients. We will offer all of this and more, within the context of an online experience that is so easy to use that they can complete their visit and get what they need in just a few minutes.”

Reaching far beyond the provision of quality CE courses, the site will feature tailored “profile pages,” which will push timely profession-specific updates on what is happening in the user’s profession and offer membership in clinical interest groups, information on license renewal requirements, and upcoming deadlines and notifications. Returning visitors will be instantly recognized and directed to their own profile page. Users will have access to course reviews and discussion groups that will enable them to read and write comments on courses and services.

“Imagine going into a bookstore and being instantly recognized and ushered into a room that is prepared just for you,” adds Christie. “Profession updates, clinical interest groups, license renewal information, personalized notifications, and course recommendations are gathered together in one place for your quick review. You now have the ability to view multiple items of relevance to your clinical interests and licensure in the time it would have taken you just to log in to a conventional website.”

The company plans to launch its new website in the first quarter of 2012, to coincide with its 20th anniversary.