Mississippi Psychologists CE Requirements and License Renewal Information

Mississippi Psychologists Continuing Education and License Renewals
Mississippi Psychologists CE Requirements

Mississippi-licensed psychologists have a biennial license renewal with a June 30th deadline, odd years.

Twenty (20) continuing education hours are required for license renewal, and there are no limits on home study if APA approved. Two hours of professional ethics or legal issues are required at each renewal.

Information gathered from the Mississippi Board of Psychology on May 13, 2015.

Professional Development Resources is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Development Resources maintains responsibility for all programs and content.

Continuing Education Courses for Psychologists:

HIV/AIDS: Therapy & Adherence is a 3-hour online CE course by Laura More, MSW, LCSW and Edie Deane-Watson, MS, CCC-A, CCM. HIV affects people of all ages, from children born to mothers with HIV, to adolescents, to adults, and elders. Unlike other viruses, the body cannot remove HIV completely. Once a person has HIV, it is there for life. The quality – and quantity – of that life will depend on adherence with treatment. People who live with HIV can live almost normal lifespans and have little risk of transmitting the disease if they use antiretroviral therapy appropriately under medical care. However, only 30% of HIV-infected people follow their antiretroviral regimen well enough to achieve viral suppression. This course will discuss adherence issues in populations at high risk for HIV infection and provide strategies for healthcare professionals to encourage people with HIV to seek and maintain medical treatment. Comorbidities with HIV; illicit drug use; medications; crime, punishment and treatment; pregnancy and HIV; sex workers and HIV; older adults and HIV; legal issues; and access to healthcare are also examined. Click Here to Learn More About This Course…

Visuals for Autism: Beyond the Basic Symbols is a 2-hour online video CE course by Anna Fredman, MS, CCC-SLP. It is well-established by research that many learners on the autism spectrum benefit from the use of visuals. How can we go beyond a basic use of symbols to create and implement individualized visuals that will help our students learn and communicate more comprehensively? Participants will learn about considerations and strategies to take into account in order to put more effective visuals in place for their students on the autism spectrum. Topics covered include: broadening symbol selection, adding layers and additional components to visuals in order to make them more motivating and meaningful, providing visuals for a wide variety of expressive communicative functions, and using visuals for comprehension and organization as well as expression. Click Here to Learn More About This Course…

Autism Movement Therapy is a 2-hour online video CE course by Joanne Lara, MA. Autism Movement Therapy® is an emerging therapy that combines movement and music with positive behavior support strategies to assist individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in meeting and achieving their speech and language, social and academic goals. Its purpose is to connect left and right hemisphere brain functioning by combining patterning, visual movement calculation, audile receptive processing, rhythm and sequencing into a “whole brain” cognitive thinking approach that can significantly improve behavioral, emotional, academic, social, and speech and language skills. This course is presented in two parts. Part 1 summarizes what is known about the brain functioning of individuals with ASD and illustrates how participation in dance, music and the arts can render the brain more amenable to learning social and language skills. Part 2 is a documentary created by Joanne Lara – Generation A: Portraits of Autism and the Arts, which spotlights – from a strikingly positive perspective – the challenges and accomplishments of eight individuals with ASD. Click Here to Learn More About This Course…