Autism the New Spectrum – New 4-Hour ASHA CEU Course

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We have completely updated one of our most popular online courses, Autism: The New Spectrum of Diagnostics, Treatment & Nutrition for you! It was just approved by ASHA as a new course – so even if you’ve taken previous versions, this new edition will count towards your ASHA CEUs (if you report to ASHA).

Autism - The New Spectrum

Autism: The New Spectrum of Diagnostics, Treatment & Nutrition is a 4-hour online continuing education (CE/CEU) course that reviews diagnostic changes in autism as well as treatment options and nutrition interventions – both theoretical and applied. This course just underwent a complete revision to provide the latest information on available treatment options and research findings.

CE Credit: 4 Hours
Learning Level: Intermediate
Price: $59
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ASHA Approved CEUs

This course is offered for .4 ASHA CEUs (Introductory level, Professional area).

ASHA credit expires 1/02/2020. ASHA CEUs are awarded by the ASHA CE Registry upon receipt of the quarterly completion report from the ASHA Approved CE Provider (#AAUM). Please note that the date that appears on ASHA transcripts is the last day of the quarter in which the course was completed. Professional Development Resources is also approved by the Florida Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, the Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, and is CE Broker compliant (#50-1635). AAUM5126