Autism Awareness Month CE Specials

Autism Awareness Month arrives this year with a new set of numbers on the prevalence of autism: 1 in 68 children in 2010 (up from 1 in 88 in 2008).

While the mystery of autism remains largely unsolved, the search for new science and better services continue and Autism Awareness Month remains dedicated to education.

Autism Awareness Month CE Specials

To assist in this goal, we are spotlighting our online and test only CE courses at 50% off regular price for the entire month of April:

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-Based Screening and Assessment is a 3-hour online CE course that identifies DSM-5 diagnostic changes in the ASD diagnostic criteria, summarizes the empirically-based screening and assessment methodology in ASD and describes a comprehensive developmental approach for assessing children, adolescents, and young adults with ASD. Risk factors and/or early warning signs of ASD are described. Course #30-69 | 2014 | 44 pages | 40 posttest questions | Sale $29.50!

Autism: The New Spectrum of Diagnostics, Treatment & Nutrition is a 4-hour online CE course that describes DSM-5 diagnostic changes (with specific focus on the shift from five subtypes to a single spectrum diagnosis), assessment, intervention models, GI problems, feeding difficulties and behavior change techniques, supplementation, dietary modifications, nutrition considerations and other theoretical interventions. Course #40-38 | 2013 | 50 pages | 30 posttest questions | Sale $34.50!

Early Childhood Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorders is a 6-hour test only CE course (book available on Amazon) that presents an overview of ASD and explores treatment approaches and strategies as applied in music therapy to the treatment of ASD. The authors present a wealth of practical applications and strategies for implementation of music therapy within multi-disciplinary teams, school environments and in family-centered practice. Course #60-97 | 2012 | 42 posttest questions | Sale $20!

Autism & Asperger Syndrome in Schools is a 6-hour test only CE course (book available on Amazon) that provides step-by-step guidance for screening, assessing, and educating children with ASD. Grounded in the latest research, special features include illustrative case examples, FAQs, quick reference boxes, glossary, and an index to 50 evidence-based best practice recommendations. Highly readable and comprehensive, this text is for those who want to further their understanding of the identification and treatment of school-age children with ASD. Course #60-90 | 2010 | 40 posttest questions | Sale $20!

Making Sense of Autism is a 7-hour test only CE course (book available on Amazon) that provides a solid, balanced understanding of what autism is, how it affects behavior and learning, and what you can do to effectively work with children with autism from their preschool years through elementary school. With the reliable, accessible research in this enlightening resource, you’ll learn to see the world through the eyes of children with autism and skillfully address the issues they and their families face on a daily basis. Course #70-11 | 2007 | 30 posttest questions | Sale $22.50!

Sale ends April 30, 2014. Offer valid on future orders only.