10 Psychology Studies from 2010 Worth Knowing About

Read David DiSalvo’s ‘top 10’ of psychology studies from 2010 @ www.psychologytoday.com: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/neuronarrative/201012/ten-psychology-studies-2010-worth-knowing-about

  1. Most of Us are Space Cadets Nearly Half the Time
  2. When Heading into a Negotiation, Come Heavy and Sit Hard
  3. Excuse Me, Your Sweat is Making Me Feel….Risky
  4. Making an Impression Changes Your Perception
  5. We’re Happier When Busy, but Wired to be Lazy
  6. You’re Not Imagining It, the Rich Really are Different
  7. Religion Makes People Happier, Beliefs Aside
  8. Another Advantage for Beautiful People: We Understand Them Better
  9. The Power of Posing, it’s a Biochemical Thing
  10. If You Want to Stop Procrastinating, Give Yourself a Break